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I'm Back.

I'm Back!

I know I haven't posted here in ages.  My laptop has been down for months now and updating this site on my phone has not been a real practical option.  Instead, i've been doing all my reports recently on my Facebook site.  However, I've got all that taken care of and I'll now be able to update on this website as well, as I know some of you aren't on Facebook (I'm talking to you, Carl Casale, lol!).  However, I will be posting more pics on Facebook as this blog site will not let me post galleries from my mobile devices which is what I'm using to do reports.

Currently, after a slow start to winter steelhead, things have picked up in the last week or so.  However, we are getting pounded with another storm that will take us out of action for the next couple of days.  I expect good fishing after the dust settles.