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Halibut Fishing Outstanding

Just like the last few years, halibut action in Humboldt Bay has been ridiculously good this summer! I still have a few days open, including July 25/26. I also have a few days available for Klamath salmon in September. It looks to be another killer season on the river as well as tidewater is already filling up with salmon.

Summer Transition

Well, it looks like I’ve neglected the website update!  If you’d like to fill in the blanks for winter steelhead and stripers, check out my Facebook page, Redwood Coast Fishing with Mike Stratman.  I’m back home from my Striper season (which was another great one, by the way) and I’m getting ready to start bay fishing for Halibut.  If our season mirrors what is happening in San Francisco Bay (which it usually does), we are in for another banner season.  If you are looking for a way to get out of the summer heat, catch a big bag of tasty fillets and NOT get seasick, this is the trip for you!


Coastal Salmon Lacking...

It took until Thanksgiving until we had any significant rain to fish our coastal rivers for the biggest salmon of the year.  When we finally did get on the rivers, it was tough.  Plain and simple.  We did have a few decent days when some pretty fish hit the deck, but not what we were hoping for.

I’m taking a little downtime until just after Christmas and then its go time on winter steel!  There are some early fish in all of our rivers right now, so we should have a great season coming up.

A Solid October of Fishing

Another wonderful month of fishing.  With November approaching, we are now in wait mode for our northern coastal fisheries to pop off.  Rain is needed to make that happen and if we don’t get some significant precipitation soon, we may continue on our current schedule if the fishing stays decent...


Both bay halibut and Klamath River salmon have been lights out epic.  The big halibut have moved in and while numbers aren’t what they were earlier in the summer, limits have been had everyday easily and we’ve seen fish to 35lbs.  In fact, long time client and buddy Carl Casal has been responsible for my biggest halibut of the season....  again!  He caught a 33lber last year and put the aforementioned 35lber in the boat last Friday.  The season isn’t over, but it will be a tough mark to break.

In other news the lower Klamath River is absolutely choked with salmon.  Simply speaking, it is as wide open as salmon fishing gets anywhere in the world.  Physically speaking, there’s no way for it to be any better.  It’s clear that Fish and Wildlife missed the mark on their prediction again.  The quota for keeping adults has been met and we are now forced to release adult salmon although we can still keep jacks (fish under 22”).  There must be a better way...

Excellent Fishing All Around

It’s a good time to be a fisherman in Humboldt County right now.   I’m fishing both the lower Klamath and Humboldt Bay halibut now and both fisheries are doing very well!  I have a couple of open days for September, including this coming Thursday the 13th.  It could be for either Bay or River fishing.

Fishing is Wide Open

Halibut and bottom fishing is wide open in the bay and I don’t expect it to let up anytime soon.  There are also fish in the Klamath River, so we have a variety of of fishing opportunities right now!   I just had next weekend (August 4/5) open up on a cancellation, shoot me a call or text at 707-601-8757 to grab it! 

More Bay Halibut...

Pretty fun week plus of halibut fishing.  I’m headed north for a few days to visit my family and them I’m gonna hop right back in the salt.  My next immediate opening is Friday July 6th and its a perfect tide...

Bay Fishing Well!

I’ve started bay fishing and it’s picked up were it left off last year.  Lots of fish and still a lot of small halibut, which is great news for the coming years.  I think we are in for an extended stretch of good halibut fishing here. 

Summer Season Ready to Go!

I’m back home fresh off a family vacation and I’m ready to start fishing again!  I’m really excited about the coming summer months and it looks like were gonna get a lot of great fishing opportunities on different fisheries.  Like last year, I will fish California Halibut from now through the month of September.  I will also spend time on the Klamath river in between Halibut tides for Spring salmon (now-June), Summer Steelhead (July-early August) and Fall Salmon (Mid August-September).  Below are some pics from last Summer to get ya going..

No doubt about it, the halibut fishing should be excellent again this year.  I’m also expecting a really good summer steelhead season with low water this summer.  Also with the numbers of salmon being seen in the ocean this summer already, our fall salmon fishing should be great!  A really fun stretch of fishing awaits....