Redwood Coast Fishing

Redwood Coast Fishing provides epic fishing trips in Northern California & Southern Oregon.

Catch the fish of your dreams. Fish the hottest spots with an expert fishing guide. Cruise in comfort in our heated drift boat or roomy jet sled. Experience the stunning backdrop of Northern California's redwood coast.

See why Redwood Coast Fishing rocks

Why Choose Redwood Coast for Your Fishing Trip?

There are a lot of professional fishing guides in Northern California. So why choose Redwood Coast Fishing over all the others? Here's why:

Mike Stratman, fishing guide

Mike Stratman, fishing guide

Passion for Fishing

I wake up excited to hit the water everyday. When a big fish hits the net, my knees are shaking along with yours! The passion I have for my work is reflected in the energy spent on providing my clients a memorable day on the water. I will go the extra mile to see that you have a great day.

Whether that means traveling to out of the way places to leave the crowds behind, or fishing late on a tough day, I take no shortcuts.

Courtesy and Patience

I take both novice and hardcore fisherman fishing and I'm good at reading what a given client wants out of the day. Some people want to fish hard, with me coaching them every step along the way. Others desire a more leisurely day floating down the river. Over my time guiding I have become very adept at giving clients what they need from a day to make it most enjoyable for them.

Attention to Detail

Obviously, attention to detail helps in being a productive fisherman. New line, sharp hooks, fresh bait and clean boats are the product of a fishing guide with attention to detail. All this shows how much I care about your day on the water. I once heard a veteran guide say "whoever cares the most, is the best on the water". I think this is an accurate statement.

Good Times

I'm fun! While I know when it's time to focus and be serious, I also know we're fishing and it should be a fun experience. There's nothing wrong with a little laughter and excitement!

— Mike Stratman,
Owner & Guide