Redwood Coast Fishing

Redwood Coast Fishing provides epic fishing trips in Northern California & Southern Oregon.

Catch the fish of your dreams. Fish the hottest spots with an expert fishing guide. Cruise in comfort in our heated drift boat or roomy jet sled. Experience the stunning backdrop of Northern California's redwood coast.

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Northern California Summer Fishing Season


Steelhead in summer

Steelhead in summer

Klamath River

These chrome missiles enter the river in good numbers by the middle of July and overlap with the fall run salmon into August and September. The last half of July and first half of August on the lower Klamath River are usually uncrowded and offer great fishing for these very acrobatic steelhead.  

In addition to both wild and hatchery adult steelhead, we often see huge numbers of half pounders (small steelhead that run from 12-18 inches) and the occasional early fall run salmon.

Fishing is done out of my powerboat and can accommodate up to 6 fisherman.


Humboldt Bay

We begin fishing Humboldt Bay in late May and continue all the way through fall, when our winter rainy season begins.  Our primary target is California Halibut but we can also target bottomfish, lingcod, and sharks if the conditions are favorable.  Most of our fishing is done with live bait and light tackle.  This is a highly productive fishery, with a three fish (per person) limit and the highest fillet yield of any fish we target throughout the year

If you like the idea of catching Halibut but are prone to seasickness, this is the fishery for you!  We do our fishing within the protected waters of Humboldt Bay, which is not subjected to open ocean swells.

Fishing is done out of my powerboat and can accommodate up to 6 anglers