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Blue Creek Closure

Guys, by now you have probably heard about the Blue Creek closure on the Klamath River has approved by the Fish and Game Commission a couple of days ago. This is an unnecessary and ill-conceived closure that was strongly opposed by the California Department Fish and Wildlife and is completely without any basis in scientific data or background information. This is devastating for families like my own and there's no doubt local economies will be hurt by the closure. Also, fo...lks will lose the opportunity to experience this world class fishery they didn't have to travel to distant corners of the globe to experience. That's pretty hard to put a price tag on and we should be angry about this local treasure being taken away from us.

This fishery has been open to sportfishing for the last century and seems to be a healthy one. In my opinion, there is no reason for this closure and until scientific data states otherwise, should remain open. If you'd like to have your voice heard, call the Fish and Game commission at 916-653-4899 or contact your local representatives

Mike Stratman