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Catch the fish of your dreams. Fish the hottest spots with an expert fishing guide. Cruise in comfort in our heated drift boat or roomy jet sled. Experience the stunning backdrop of Northern California's redwood coast.

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The last week and a half have provided some of the best steelhead fishing of the season so far. Not only are we seeing over 10+ hookups a day, the average size of the fish seen has been very solid. We are hooking at least 1 fish a day in the low to mid teen range while most are over 9lbs. The suprising thing about the last week is the ratio of bright fish to downrunners, which has shaped up to about 80/20 in favor of fresh run steelhead. Most of our fish are falling to sidedrifted or boondogged eggs and fish pills but I've also been putting out plugs in a couple of spots with good results.

While everything should stay in shape into the first part of next week, it looks like there could be some rain on the horizon. If things stay relatively dry, I don't see why fishing wouldn't hold up. I have some space in March, and considering the fishing we're seeing now, it should be a great month of uncrowded fishing. Give us a call if you want to catch some of these fish before the season ends.