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Fishing on the Eel

I must apologize for a lack of reports, but the computer has been in and out of the shop for awhile now. Finally we got it back in working order and I hope to have a regular report up now.

Since its been awhile, I wont rehash the long ago but Ill give you an idea of whats been going on recently. I've been fishing the Eel River system for the last week or so and fishing has been mostly great but there have been a few slow days mixed in. Periodic rain has been the cause of the couple of slow days I've had since I've been down here. The day before yesterday saw great fishing on the mainstem Eel in a light rain. Well, that light rain raised and murked up the river yesterday enough to turn off what was a great bite. We only ended up with one fish out of 3 plug strikes. Scores yesterday ranged from 0 to 2 fish from the boats I heard from. Almost all the fish yesterday were caught on plugs and these fish seemed to be intent on moving and didn't seem to want a thing to do with a piece of roe.

There is supposed to be rain tonight with will make tommorrow iffy, but from tuesday on through the end of the week, the Eel system should fish great.