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Redwood Coast Fishing provides epic fishing trips in Northern California & Southern Oregon.

Catch the fish of your dreams. Fish the hottest spots with an expert fishing guide. Cruise in comfort in our heated drift boat or roomy jet sled. Experience the stunning backdrop of Northern California's redwood coast.

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Summer Fishing Gets Started With a New Boat!

I wasn't planning on going out and buying a new boat but, well, the stars aligned.  Replacing my 21' Willie Classic is a new 23' Willie Raptor.  This boat is beautiful and will offer us more space to fish out of.  Also, the deeper V hull will make for a more comfortable ride in open, choppy water.  this will be huge for our bay fishing this summer.

Speaking of fishing, I've been out in the bay and halibut are here!  I expect an excellent summer and fall of fishing for these tasty critters.  I've also been out on the Lower Klamath for spring salmon.  While the fishing here wasn't red hot, there are some fish around and if you'd like a chance to take home the best eating salmon on the planet, June will be you're time.  If you are interested in a couple days of fishing, it is very possible to combine halibut and river fishing in that trip.  Shoot me a call and we can make that happen!