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October a Wrap, Waiting For Rain...

I've been sequestered in the Klamath mountains fishing the Klamath and Trinity Rivers for almost a month now.  Reports were not possible due to a lack of internet access.  Fishing was pretty decent for the most part, and it was nice to get in the driftboat and be on some uncrowded water.   Thanks to everyone who came up to fish with me for the month.  It's easy to understand why October is one of the most popular trips I do.  Good fishing, breathtaking scenery and lonely rivers is a great combination.

I'm back at home now and taking a quick break with my family to see good friends get married down south.  I start my next season on the Smith and Chetco on the November 4th, but we need it to rain before we start fishing up north.  If it doesn't rain, there are backup options.  The Klamath system has good numbers of fish and if it doesn't rain enough up north to set fishing off, this is a great fallback plan.  There is also the potential of fishing a couple of different tidewaters.  Ill throw up a report after I begin fishing again and let you know what's happening.