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Salmon Just About Over, Here Come the Steelhead!

It looks like our fall salmon season in just about over with here on the coast. We have a huge storm rapidly approaching Nor Cal and Southern Oregon, which should blow out all of our rivers. Regardless of whether the rivers punch out or not, fishing was really tough even in the good conditions we had after the last storm. While the Chetco flooded and was unfishable until yesterday,The Smith was in great shape but just didn't kick out many fish. I ended up venturing north to the Elk and Sixes rivers in Oregon where I found improved fishing, but it wasn't what I'd call wide open. With the coming storms, I canceled the rest of my November/early December calender. All in all, a disappointing coastal salmon season.

Next up, I'll take a few weeks off to be with the family during the holidays. After Christmas, I will start winter steelhead fishing. At this point I'm ready to get out the sidedrift rods and catch some chrome steel!

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