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Rain on the way, Smith Should be Great Bet Through the Weekend

Rain is coming tonight and will bring the Smith into play for and through the weekend, hopefully longer. I've still been on the Trinity and fishing has continued on the same pace as reported previously. On the 13th fishing with Bruce Fulmer and Carl Casale, I had one of the most remarkable big fish days I've ever had. I caught the 3 biggest Trinity salmon of my career on the same day. The biggest was over 50lbs with 2 more in the high 40s. One of them was fairly bright and Bruce said that it cut beautifully, like an ocean salmon. The biggest fish was also a keepable specimen, but we decided to let it swim away to make more monsters. As a side note, some steelhead have decided to show up.

I'll let you know how the Smith fishes in the next few days.