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First Storm Hits

I ended up with a bit of a break this week. I had a camper shell installed on my truck on Monday and a day off on Tuesday. Today I canceled due to very unsettled conditions with all the early wet weather we had the last few days. Tommorrow is my son, Jacksons' 3rd birthday, so I elected to take the day off for that. 4 days off feels pretty wierd right now, but time with the family has been great!

Preceding my break and the wet weather, fishing continued to go well. Before the rain, there were a ton of salmon on the lower Klamath, which I anticipate to be in the Trinity by the time I start fishing again on Friday. The river will be higher than normal, but I expect fishing to be very good. I'll let you know how it goes and I'll leave you with a few pics of fishing last week.


P.S. My remaining open days for this month are the 26th, 30th and 31st. If the rain stops, fishing on the Trinity should still be great. However, if it rains significantly by then we could be fishing on the Smith. Look out if thats the case! Kind of a win-win in either circumstance. Book those dates while they're still around