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Smith 2/2-2/9

Wet weather has continued our winter fishing on the Smith. Fish have continued to consistently come in, but I personally have been in an interesting pattern. It seems that every other day for the last week I have a tough day while the next day I am one of the top scores on the river. This up and down experience has been a little frustrating for me. Sometimes in life we get in strange grooves, but eventually they work themselves out, just as this one will.
That being said, We have been catching some beautiful fish, with a big fish for the week a 16 pound buck caught by Mike Davis. Mike and his fishing partner, Richard Spears caught some other quality chrome steelhead that day including a 13 and 14 lb hen and buck, respectively. Above are some pics from that day, and others from the week.

It looks like another weather system is coming in on thursday, and will again make it tough for our humboldt county rivers to fish. Hopefully we get a crack at them at some point this year.