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More big salmon coming

Trinity and Klamath season is winding down now. We've been experiencing challenging fishing on these rivers since the shot of rain we recieved a couple of weeks ago. That being said, I've still managed to catch adult salmon or steelhead everyday on the water, including some very large salmon on the Trinity.
Speaking of very large salmon, it is soon to be that time again on the Smith as soon as we see another shot of rain. The storm we recieved this month triggered some of the most epic salmon fishing I have ever seen. I spent a day on the smith after the rain and literally spent more time unhooking fish in the net than fishing! All were large fish, with five of them over the 30lb mark and a couple of those pushing 40. All were very bright fish. Pics from that day are seen above.
Once we get some more rain, I expect more great fishing as the word is there are lots of 'em down in the tidewater reaches.