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Big Flush

We are finally in the midst of the big flush that was so needed for all our rivers. This storm is a warm, pineapple express and is melting all the snow the last series of systems dumped. I ventured inland for a couple of days last week with a two boat party. The first day went ok, with both boats hooking multiple adults and lots of half pounders. We switched locations the second day, looking for a little something different, and it was a mistake. The half pounder bite was nearly non-existent and the adult my boat hooked and lost was the only one seen between the two groups. On Friday, some buddies and I put the boat in on a coastal humboldt county river and managed to pull a couple of adults out.
It looks like there will be nothing worth fishing through the rest of this week. Hopefully, our Humboldt county coastal rivers will come back into shape soon. The coming days in March in this area will probably be the best fishing of the year, numbers wise. This is due to the fact that we will still be recieving some fresh fish, in addition to the downrunners that this storm will flush to the lower reaches of our rivers. Until then.......