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Catch the fish of your dreams. Fish the hottest spots with an expert fishing guide. Cruise in comfort in our heated drift boat or roomy jet sled. Experience the stunning backdrop of Northern California's redwood coast.

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Best Fishing Of The Year!

Steelhead season so far to this point has been a little on the rough side. The Smith has been a disaster. A rainy and snowy January kept most Humboldt County rivers a bit high and a bit dirty to fish real well all through february. However, the south fork eel was an exception to this. Fishing has been great on that river all winter when conditions allow.
Fast forward to March. It took awhile, but all our area rivers are now fishing, and most look great. Well, unfortunately, it is March. Probably nothing but a bunch of dirty and skinny downrunners. Not true. There are alot of bright fish kicking around, especially for March. I really think that overall, this may the best steelhead fishing we've had all year long.
I've had a lull in my guide calendar, which has given me an opportunity to do some fun fishing. I've hooked a bunch of really beautiful bright steelhead from the bank in the last few days but I'm getting the itch to get the boat back in the water!
There are a ton of different options from now until it rains significantly, and it seems as if there are some fish everywhere. LETS GO FISHING!