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Productive February, Lots of Fresh Fish Still Arriving

After a tougher than typical January, February was a very productive month of steelhead fishing.  While most of the month was dry, we are now getting the rain we need.  There are still plenty of new fish coming into the rivers plus we will start to see significant numbers of kelts arriving, so I expect fishing to remain good for March.  If you need a late season fix, I have space this month so gimme a call!  Make sure to take a peek (and like!) at my Facebook page Redwood Coast Fishing with Mike Stratman for more pics from the month...


Mark Walters with a teener caught on a plug..


Translucent hen straight out of the salt....


Flawless bullet caught by David Linn...


Chetco chromer put in the net by regulars Seth and his grandpa Bruce....


Jaime with one of many he caught that day...

Perfect winter steelhead ready for release...

Perfect winter steelhead ready for release...


Lil’ Lynch with a nice one hangin’.


Papa Lynch with a beautiful hen up high..

Winter Steelhead

Its been awhile since I’ve been on the website.  If you’d like to catch up on reports, look at my Facebook page, “Redwood Coast Fishing with Mike Stratman”.   I’ll make sure to do a better job of keeping my reports up on this page, as I know not everyone is on Facebook.

Anyways, after a really slow and dry start to winter steelheading a series of storms has rolled in and fishing has picked up a bit.  I’ve been off the water the last couple of days due to high rivers but I look to start again on Monday with a extended period of dry weather.  We’ll keep ya posted.



Fall is Here

Summer's over and it feels like Fall is starting to gather a head of steam with the cold, crisp mornings.  While there has been some press on our bay fishery, I've been keeping a low profile.  I didn't really feel the need to over publicize what we were catching for the last month or so, but needless to say there was some trophy Halibut going down.  Finally tho, it seems to be winding down.  While there are still fish around, the last few days have been very windy plus the bay has been choked with grass and kelp, making fishing very challenging.  I will run a few more bay trips but as soon as the rain starts, we will be off to chase huge kings up north.  It sounds like there are a bunch of fish piling up outside of the river mouths, I'm excited!! 


Bay Fishing Remains Very Good

Now that salmon fishing is shut down on the Klamath, I've been focusing exclusively on Humboldt Bay Halibut and bottomfish.  While i may run a few steelhead trips on the Klamath and Trinity this fall, I will stay on Humboldt Bay until the consistent rains start.  Fishing is still lights out and should stay that way until that time.   


Mixed Bag

With high tides last week, I ventured over to the river for a handful of days and we had some decent steelhead action with a few bonus tidewater Kings to add to the mix.  I was back on the Bay yesterday and today and the the action picked up where it left off.  We've been seeing some nice fish!!   All in all its been a week of pretty awesome mixed bag fishing.... 


Lots of 'Butt!

The halibut fishing has been very good, we've been putting limits to the boat on a daily basis this week.  Time permitting, we've also been able to put quality bottomfish in the boat as well.  I have space next week, give me a call to get in on this wonderful fishery! 


Cool Weather, Hot Fishing...

Halibut fishing has been fantastic!  I have some space for the first week of July, which should be a really productive set of tides.  Anybody looking to get out of the heat and catch a bunch of fish should give me a call!  Its a blast!!


Summer Fishing Gets Started With a New Boat!

I wasn't planning on going out and buying a new boat but, well, the stars aligned.  Replacing my 21' Willie Classic is a new 23' Willie Raptor.  This boat is beautiful and will offer us more space to fish out of.  Also, the deeper V hull will make for a more comfortable ride in open, choppy water.  this will be huge for our bay fishing this summer.

Speaking of fishing, I've been out in the bay and halibut are here!  I expect an excellent summer and fall of fishing for these tasty critters.  I've also been out on the Lower Klamath for spring salmon.  While the fishing here wasn't red hot, there are some fish around and if you'd like a chance to take home the best eating salmon on the planet, June will be you're time.  If you are interested in a couple days of fishing, it is very possible to combine halibut and river fishing in that trip.  Shoot me a call and we can make that happen!


Striper Season a Huge Success!

We wrapped up our Striped Bass season this last Monday.   Thanks to all who came and fished with me, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!   All in all, fishing was nothing short of epic, check out a few of the highlights below.  If you missed out, make sure you plan on it for next year, it's really one of my favorite times of year...


Looking forward, I will take the next week or two off and then I will start fishing California Halibut in Humboldt Bay.  I've been looking forward to the bay halibut fishery all year, as I think it will be excellent season and Humboldt Bay and its halibut have a special place in my heart.   Fishing will be done with live bait and light tackle and for those who like the idea of catching and eating halibut but seasickness is an issue, this is the fishery for you.  Humboldt Bay has no influence from open ocean swell, so conditions are very similar to being on a lake.  The limit is 3 fish per person and the fillet yield is very high, so a generous bag of fish at the end of the day is very possible.  Last year the bay was loaded with fish and I expect more of the same this year. 


I am also offering spring salmon trips on the lower Klamath for late May and June.  This is our opportunity to take home a coastal salmon this year as the ocean fishery is shut down and fall salmon will be closed to take in Klamath system.  Spring Salmon are the best eating salmon on the planet and it isn't even close.  For those of you who prefer to do multiple day trips, doing a day of Halibut fishing and a day of Salmon fishing is a great option.....


Tight Lines,